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Halibut Rig

Halibut Rig

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Halibut Rig- This Halibut Rig ain’t your granny’s halibut rig. If you are fishing for halibut and there is any chance of catching a giant then this Halibut Rig is for you. When I was fishing for halibut in Alaska I never used Halibut Rigs made for little halibut. While some people fished for chicken halibut I always targeted big halibut. If you are planning a self-guided halibut trip to Alaska this is as simple as a Halibut Rig you will find.

I have yet to fish for halibut in California, Oregon or Washington state. I do know that Pacific coast halibut are not as big as Alaskan halibut. With this in mind the Rambling Angler Halibut Rig is ideal for all halibut in all its range. The Rambling Angler Halibut Rig was designed to be a one rig deal for all sizes of halibut no matter where you fish. 

While there are smaller rigs for halibut I like this one so I can grab my halibut rig and know I am good to go for whatever eats my bait. This halibut rig can also take a beating. If you target halibut in a place with lots of rocks the 300 pound Trilene Big Game leader can withstand a lot of abuse both abrasion from the rocks or the mouth of the halibut. Monofilament handles abrasion well, this rig will last.

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