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The Li'L TUFFY Swimbait for Crappie & Bass

The Li'L TUFFY Swimbait for Crappie & Bass

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If you are looking for a crappie bait that shows up on Garmin Livescope and other forward facing sonar this is it. The Li'L TUFFY Swimbait can be fished in shallow cover or the deepest creek channels to catch big slab crappie. Forward facing sonar has become a very big part of crappie fishing. The Li'L TUFFY Swimbait can be rigged weedless either using a slider type jighead or a Texas rig using a EWG hook and a bullet weight. I like to rig the Li'L TUFFY Swimbait to crappie fish with the Garmin Livescope by using an exposed hook roundheaded jighead.

The Li'L TUFFY is a tough crappie bait. With the strip of mylar down the middle of the bait you can use a keeperless jighead and by having the hook through the mylar you pull on the mylar's full length, keeping the bait from tearing. There is also a tunnel through the Li'L TUFFY with two holes through the bait at the end to allow air to escape. This lets you squirt scent gel into the hole in back slowly releasing scent. with the scent inside the bait it is protected and will last a long time. (See Videos) The Li'L TUFFY Swimbait is fast becoming a hot crappie bait. GET-U-SOME


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